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When you are reportedly unhappy with your body because of unusual fat in places you don’t want it, exercises and diets don’t always help. Sometimes there are methods that you may not want to use, yet these effective methods can help. One of them used to be Liposuction. However, this method was very painful and it took a long time for the patient to recover. With the advancement of laser technologies, a smart way of losing unwanted fats from specific region has arrived. The procedure is named as Smartlipo

The procedure includes use of a laser where proper temperature is employed in specific regions of the skin. This allows the fat to be melted. After that, a suctioning process is applied so that the liquefied fat is taken out from inside the body. The entire process is done with laser and it applies almost no pressure at all on your skin.

SMARTLIPO Surgery Procedure

The laser which is used to liquefy fat creates a powerful and precise light beam. In the procedure, a small incision is made and a tube is inserted through your skin. After that, the beam is inserted through the tube which reaches through your skin towards the fat cells. It gently applies a proper amount of temperature on them and slowly liquefies your fats. After that, the liquid portions of your fat come out of the same tube and hence, complete the suctioning process as well. The entire process takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

You may wonder what happens to the fats that are unable to come out of the tube. Well, for that, Mother Nature is here to help. The body slowly absorbs the liquid fat and therefore, there isn’t any margin of error at all. Since it is a laser process with no cutting or stitching, the entire process has no bleeding or bruising involved. The process also cauterizes the blood vessels so there isn’t a chance of internal bleeding either.

Ideal Candidates for Smartlipo

Smartlipo is a very simple and less harmful procedure. Although it isn’t used for a massive makeover, it is used for the development of several parts of your body. The body parts that can be ideal for Smartlipo surgery are: